Person NameIrvine Development Corporation; 1967-1997
ActivityIrvine is situated on the west coast of Scotland in Ayrshire. It was established as a New Town in the 1960s although it had existed as a Royal Burgh from 1372. The Development Corporation was a body set up to run the New Town (by The New Town (Irvine) (Development Corporation) Order 1967 (S.I. 1967/888)) and to examine the potential for industrial development in the area, to prepare for the possible needs of incoming industry by dealing with planning, building and infrastructure, and to find out about and contact firms to attract them to set up sites in the area. In the 1970s, amongst other projects, the Corporation set out to examine how Irvine could benefit from the North Sea oil boom.

Irvine New Town and its controlling development corporation were abolished under the Enterprise and New Towns (Scotland) Act 1990 (c.35), made effective by the New Town (Irvine) Dissolution Order 1997 (S.I. 1997/641). Irvine now falls within North Ayrshire Council area's responsibility for local government purposes.
Corporate NameIrvine Development Corporation
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