Person NameNorthern Meeting; 1788-
ActivityThe Northern Meeting was formed in 1788 by thirteen Highland gentlemen to bring together leading families of the Northern Highlands for social activities. The intention was to provide social entertainment in the Highlands which was free from all political, religious and clan interests and divisions. Subsequently, business talk was banned from the meetings. By October 1788 79 people had applied to join the society. The first Northern Meeting was held in Inverness on the week beginning Monday 27th October 1788 and was held annually thereafter. During the week of the meeting, members and guests assembled for dinner at 4 pm in one of the inns at Inverness. On the Tuesday and Friday a Dress Ball would commence in the Town Hall from 8pm until midnight. The other evenings were occupied by informal dancing and playing cards. The following morning guests would reconvene for breakfast at the inn. Following breakfast the men would go hunting. The Annual General Meeting took place on the Saturday morning during which the Stewards and Secretary for the following year would be appointed. At the first meeting it was resolved that members should attend the Northern Meeting in a uniform. The society acquired its own premises in order to host the Northern Meeting in 1790. There was no particular qualification for membership which was attained simply through application to the society and by a members ballot. Annual subscriptions were paid and a fine was collected from absentees (excluding army officers on service). From 1823 Highland Games became a feature of the Northern Meeting and from 1841 Piping Competitions were held.
Corporate NameNorthern Meeting
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