Person NameKelso Cricket Club; 1820-
ActivityKelso Cricket Club was founded on 13 June, 1820, by William Lindores, and is one of the oldest clubs in Scotland. The cricketing activities, however, were incidental to the other activities of a literary and debating society which met fortnightly or monthly, when their meeting room in the Queen's Head Inn was not required by the 'watchers' of the nearby Old Church cemetery. By 1830 the club usually only met for dinners at New Year and Midsummer or other special occasions. The Cricket Club itself, whose written records begin in September 1821, had problems in initially finding a ground to play on. At their meeting in December, 1822, it was agreed that they should play on the island in the middle of the River Tweed, owned by Mr Walker of Wooden, and that the members should play in a tartan jacket and cap. This was later modified to a blue jacket with white collar and cuffs. Attendance at the matches soon became compulsory, with fines being levied for non-attendance. However play was occasionally stopped for other reasons, as when the ground was taken over by golfers, or when there was a snowstorm. Teams usually seemed to consist of about six-a-side and were drawn from the social elite. Matches gradually became rarer as the club degenerated into a drinking club and by 1825 seems to have almost ceased for a while, when no-one could find the bats and balls etc. However it seems to have stuggled on with occasional mentions in the records. The Club was then re-established in 1846 and records show them playing an annual match on Kelso race-course in 1850, and in 1852, and subsequent years, there was a four day event held between England and Scotland which attracted large audiences. By 1860 matches were no longer confined to local teams by were regularly played against other teams from England. In 1895 the Border League was formed and Kelso soon dropped out as it could not compete at a high enough standard and it was not until about 1930 that their game began to pick up again. The club is currently still active.
Corporate NameKelso Cricket Club
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