Person NamePeebles Ladies Benevolent Society; 1832-1958
ActivityThe Peebles Ladies Benevolent Society was established in November, 1832 by a group of ladies who wished to administer relief to the poor and afflicted. Meetings were opened with a prayer and a psalm. A subscription of a penny a week was required of members, or a donation of at least 10 shillings. A General Meeting was to be held each year. The first cases to be granted relief were agreed at the meeting held in December, 1832 and included: shoes; dresses; shifts; handkerchiefs; bibles; coals; petticoat; oatmeal; night-gowns; tea, sugar and candles. Members of the society visited the beneficiaries regularly as long as they lived or required support. At a Special Emergency Meeting in May, 1958, it was agreed that the Peebles Ladies Benevolent Society, who had been meeting in the Leckie Church Vestry, should be disbanded, and that the funds and the work of the society, would be passed over to the Parish Trust, who had been operating a similar service, although their beneficiaries were still to have some support from the members of the society. The last noted beneficiaries in the minutes of the final meeting in December, 1958, received £12 to assist them with the payment of their rates.
Corporate NamePeebles Ladies Benevolent Society
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