CollectionABDUH University of Aberdeen, Herbarium
Object NameZygodon californicus Hampe
Not given
Object NumberABDUH:6/4029.4
Other Number172
Other Number Typespecimen number
Brief DescriptionDried plant specimen.
Habitat Notein rupibus umbrosis Californiae (Bolander)
Place KeyNorth America, United States of America
Association Type PlaceFindspot
Object History NoteMusci Boreali-Americani. Sive. Specimina Exsiccata Muscorum. In Americae Rebuspublicis Foederatis. Detectorum, Conjunctis Studiis W. S. Sullivant et L. Lesquereux. Editio Secunda. Columbi Ohioensium, Sumptibus Auctorum, 1865.
Publication NoteBot. Zeit. 1862, p. 361
Access ConditionsPublic access and access for research purposes by appointment only.
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