CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object Namemace
411 554
Object NumberABDUA:883
Other NumberG101+1; G182M
Other Number Typeold number; old number
Brief DescriptionMace with long wooden shaft which has natural notches throughout and is highly polished. Comes to a lipped point at one end which has been blunted. Below mace head, holding in place are two sections of thick plaited rattan. Above mace head there has been a separate pice of wood inserted into the shaft and this has been held in place with plaited veg fibre. Cylindrical mace head which is flanged on both sides. Three rows of knobs which equal 45 knobs (pineapple shaped). Bottom flange has 'RIGO' written in red paint. ABDUA is on shaft and mace head in white ink.
Materialsstone, wood, basketry, veg fibre, string
Object Production Date1850-1898
Place KeyMelanesia, Papua New Guinea, Rigo
Field CollectorMacGregor, Sir William
Publication NoteReid, R W, 1912, Catalogue of Specimens deposited by William Macgregor in the Anthropological Museum, Marischal College, University of Aberdeen, Item 182M, p19.;
Aquisition SourceMacGregor, Sir William
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