CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameSheath
Object NumberABDUA:85004.5.3
Brief DescriptionLeather sheath in which the scabbard (ABDUA 85004.5.2) containing the sword (ABDUA 85004.5.1) was stored. Part of an Indian Civil Service dress uniform worn in the first half of the twentieth century.
DimensionsLength 1020mm
Field CollectorScott Brown, Sir William
Object History NoteUniform was worn by Sir William Scott Brown; a graduate of the University of Aberdeen. Scott Brown moved to India when he was allocated to the Senior Presidency in India (Madras) in 1914 and he undertook several posts whilst in the Madras Presidency; his last being Chief Secretary to the Government of Madras. He returned to Aberdeen in 1948, became Rector's Assessor at the University of Aberdeen in 1949 and remained in this post until 1965. He was awarded a C.I.E. in 1936, and later a K.C.I.E.
Aquisition SourceScott Brown, Ronald
Aquisition Date07/08/2009
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