CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object Nameheaddress
Object NumberABDUA:461
Other Numberx
Other Number Typeold number
Brief DescriptionHeaddress consisting of slightly faded, beige-coloured feathers gathered together in a bunch with a natural bird-skin(?) wrapping at the base, bound with vegetable fibre cord. Possibly: Catalogue of Specimens deposited by Sir William MacGregor, 1912: "34. M. [and 35. M]. Head=dresses, two, made of feathers. [L: variable]. Macgregor Collection. 1899". There is a count of six headdresses in total in the Melanesia Slip Catalogue.
DimensionsL[overall]: 406mm
Materialsfeathers, veg fibre, string
Object Production Date1850-1898
Place KeyMelanesia, Papua New Guinea, South East,
Field CollectorMacGregor, Sir William
Aquisition SourceMacGregor, Sir William
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