CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameVernon Finger Joint Comparitor
Object NumberABDUA:10077
Brief DescriptionPlastic slip case which contains a plastic oblong, attached to the top of which is a fine metal strip. The latter has three long strips at right angles. These fit into channels in the plastic and can move freely up and down. The channels are marked in 10 mm sections. The middle two have figures also, from 40 to 100mm. At the bottom is written"The vernon Finger Comparitor(Patent Pending) Issued by the Boots Co. Ltd makers of BRUFEN Antirheumatic Agent"
DimensionsL 170mm x W 53mm x D 4mm
MaterialsPlastic and metal
Field CollectorGrant, Dr Ronald William
Aquisition SourceDavies, Susan (partner of Ron Grant)
Aquisition Date06/06/2013
Aquisition NoteSusan Davies donated her late partner's medical collection.
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