CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameFly-Whisk
Fly Swat
Object NumberABDUA:7340
Other NumberH79
Other Number Typeold number
Brief DescriptionFly-whisk in wood, made from a white/ blonde-coloured ox tail and covered in white, light brown and dark brown leather. Top and bottom of handle decorated in woven band of white and dark brown leather thonging. Top of handle has a plaited light brown leather loop attached for suspension. An example of Mandingo leather working.
DimensionsL (including looped handle): 710mm
MaterialsWood, leather, ox skin & hair
MakerHausa People?
Place KeyAfrica, West Africa, Gold Coast
Publication NoteReid R W p310. See Museum Committe Report 1st October 1906.
Aquisition SourceMoir, Dr. F W (Sekondi, West Africa)
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