CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameAmphora
323 531 776 525 571
Object NumberABDUA:64010
Other NumberA685
Other Number Typeold number
Brief DescriptionAmphora, black-figured in glazed red clay. Two ribbed handles with fan-shaped ornamentation. Lid light red, broad band round middle, and black knob. Shows Achilles and Ajax playing dice at the altar of Athena whose figure stands behind. Reverse shows youth wearing petasus standing by horse talking to two men.
Content DescriptionAchilles Ajax Athene
DimensionsH: 385mm, Dia: 260mm
Techniquethrown, fired
MakerAntimenes painter
Object Production Date600 BC-500 BC
Place KeyEurope, Italy, South Italy
Association Type Placepresumed findspot
Field CollectorHenderson, Dr Alexander
Publication NoteVase III 'Classical Vases' in the Henderson Collection catalogue (1891); Reid, R W (1912) Illustrated Catalogue of the Anthropological Collection, University of Aberdeen, p63
Caption'NECK AMHPORA with LID. 64010 (Ramsay catalogue III; Reid Catalogue 685). Henderson Collection.
ABV 290 (Painter of Boulogne 441); Gerhard pl. 219, 2-3.
H. 38, H. with lid 42, D. body 26.9, D. foot 13.4, D. mouth 18.1.
H. lid 6. D. lid 15. Mended, firing dent in side A.
Top surface of mouth reserved. Mouth and neck painted within to 0.5 of base of neck. Outer surface of mouth and handles painted. Neck: lotus and palmette chain. Red line of fillet at base of neck, red and black tongues on shoulder. Beneath handles: seven-leaf palmette cross with lateral and pendent buds, and central dotted cross. Lower body: two lines, single maeander, two lines, bud interlace, two lines, rays. Red fillet at base of body, foot painted to lower edge of toe. Red line at upper edge of toe. Underside plain. Blob of glaze on the lotus-bud frieze on side B.
Lid: black knob and central painted circle on top surface. Painted edge.
A: Ajax and Achilles playing board game, with Athena. Achilles is commonly at the left; his Boiotian shield seen in profile, dot service and curvilinear border round the cut-outs. Propped on top of it, Corinthian helmet with crest, facing left. A blob of glaze behind the tail of the crest. Achilles seated on a block stool, wearing breastplate and chiton with dot rosettes and single dots, curvilinear maeander border - incised. Thigh guards, with spiral pattern, greaves. He is bearded, with long hair rolled round ribbon. He holds two spears in his left hand, and moves a piece on the central table with his right. Beyond the table is Athena, facing and gesturing right, head turned left. She weares hair loose with ribbon, peplos with dotted cross pattern and incised hook borders, striped himation, coil bracelet on left arm. She holds a horizontal spear in her right hand. Ajax is seated on a block stool facing left, holding two upright spears in his left hand, and extending his right out towards the board, leaning towards it. He has long hair rolled round a ribbon, dotted breastplate, dotted chiton, thigh guards with spirals and greaves. To the right, his Corinthian helmet, facing right overlapping with the palmette, atop his Boiotian shield decorated as Achilles'.
B: Departure scene: cavalryman with two attendants: at left, old man wearing chiton and short himation, striped with quadruple grouped dots. He gestures towards the cavalryman with his left hand. Horse facing right, wearing bit and reins, and beyond him his rider, wearing petasos, striped and quadruple dooted himation, holding two spears in left hand. Facing them, to right, a young man with short hair, striped and dot-rosetted himation over his left shoulder, gesturing conversationally to the departing man. Both framing figures overlap slightly with the top palmette.
Added red: details of lotus and palmette frieze; alternate tongues fillets at top and bottom of body, line at edge of toe. A: Shield rims, greave edges, beards and hair-ribbons, stripe on table dots and stripes on garments. B: beard, dots and stripes on garments, petasos-string, horse's mane and tail.
Added white: A: female flesh, shield dots, garment rosettes, dots on Ajax' helmet crest. B: Rosettes on clothing, petasos.
About 530 B.C.
The subject appears also on Pl. 24.3 - 8. It has sometimes been associated with contemporary events in Athens and with Ajax' role there; see S. Woodfors, JHS 102 (1982) 173-85, also for earlier literature, and LIMC Achilleus pp. 96-103; H. Mommsen in Ancient Greek and Related Pottery (eds. J. Christiansen and T. Melander, Copenhagen 1988) 445-454.'
From: Moignard, E. Aberdeen University: Marischal Collection. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Oxford University Press, 2006, p. 7-8.
Aquisition SourceHenderson, Dr Alexander
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