CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameGranary model
Object NumberABDUA:22166
Other NumberB140
Other Number Typeold number
PeriodDynasty 12
Brief DescriptionModel of a granary in wood, painted, with figures of scribes and workmen. From a tomb at Beni Hasan
DimensionsH(box): 125 mm L(box): 267 mm W(box): 297 mm
Materialswood, pigment
Techniquecarved painted
Object Production Date1994 BC-1781 BC
Place KeyAfrica, Egypt, Beni Hasan (tomb)
Field Collectorunknown
Publication NoteLEMUR Database. Reid, R W, 1912, Illustrated Catalogue of the Anthropological Museum, University of Aberdeen, p92 (illustrated p93)
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