CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameSpindle whorl
283 286 236
Object NumberABDUA:19157
Other NumberA521+11
Other Number TypeOld number
Brief DescriptionShape, flat, Decoration, (top) ring-cross (base) debased interlace. Museum's 'Slip Catalogue', 'Lost probably when nearly new, Design would contain a blessing or charm'
DimensionsDia, 37 mm Th, 10 mm
Associated Object NumberLEMUR:1000390
Object Production Date1400-1500
Place KeyEurope, Scotland, North East, Woodend Birse Aberdeenshire
Field CollectorThomson, Raymond
Publication NoteFile
Caption"Spindle whorl marked with X from the Forest of Birse (possibly 17th cent)."

Author: Inglis,Jim & Curtis,Neil Date: 1990 Purpose: Encyclopaedia of the North-East

"Superstition and witchcraft were part of Highland life during the Medieval and later period. Folklore continued these beliefs into the 20th century. Many curious or notable objects, their original use being unknown, were kept as charms, often to ward off evil or witchcraft, or as charms against illness. This is a sandstone spindle whorl, like many others, carved with an incised design. On one side is a feather and dot design, while the other side has a design of four dots separated by panels with concentric arcs. There is also an 'X' incised on the whorl and it was used as a charm by a family at Woodend, Birse, Aberdeenshire in the 17th century."

Author: Feilden,Rosemary Date: 1999 Purpose: SCRAN
Aquisition SourceThomson, Raymond
Aquisition Date06/05/1967
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