CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object Namebranks
688 681
Object NumberABDUA:18700
Other NumberA491
Other Number Typeold number
Brief DescriptionBranks or gag in iron Jointed bars enclosed the head and were secured behind, and the projecting plate passed into mouth over the tongue This specimen was used in the Parish of Dunnotar, Kincardineshire as a form of punishment for female scolds
DimensionsH: 320 mm D: 227 mm
Materialsmetal, iron
Associated Object NumberLEMUR:1000051 LEMUR:1000057 LEMUR:1000073 LEMUR:1000117
Object Production Date1600-1800
Place KeyEurope, Scotland, North East Scotland, Dunnottar, Kincardineshire
Publication NoteMichie, C, 1887, Catalogue of Antiquities in the Archaeological Museum of King's College, University of Aberdeen, Item O30, p24; Reid, R W, 1912, Illustrated Catalogue of the Anthropological Museum, University of Aberdeen, p43 (and illustrated)
Aquisition SourceStuart, Professor John
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