Person NameFirst United Presbyterian Church, Selkirk
ActivityFirst United Presbyterian Church, Selkirk lies in the Presbytery of Selkirk and Synod of Merse and Teviotdale. Many worshipers in Yarrow and Ettrick withdrew from the established churches at the dissention in 1689. The Seceders in the parish of Selkirk generally adhered to the Associate Burgher and worshiped outside on the green in front of the church at Midholm, whilst the adherents of the General Associate (Antiburgher) Synod, (with whom they were in dispute over the property) worshiped inside the building. It was then proposed that meetings be held alternately at Midholm and Selkirk, with one minister to cover both places of worship. However no church was built until their first fixed pastor, Andrew Moir B A, was called to minister there and refused ordination until the congregation met in only one place. The first church was built in Selkirk, in 1758, and was rebuilt in 1805. The second, third, fourth and fifth ministers were all Lawsons from the same family and served the congregation for at least 100 years.
Corporate NameFirst United Presbyterian Church, Selkirk
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