Person NameMidlem Pall Society and Hearse Society; 1769-1900
ActivityMidlem Pall Society and Hearse Society were established in 1769 with the purchase of a Pall. This was basically a stretcher on two wheels. The Burial ground for Midlem was at Bowden, which was very far to have to carry a coffin. A building, 15 feet by seven feet was erected to store the pall. Members of the Midlem Pall Association paid a small yearly sum to prepare for their funerals, and the idea was such a success that three months later they decided that the funds and income would also be able to provide a school-house. By 1782 the pall had been upgraded to a horse-drawn, two wheeled vehicle, which could be covered by mortcloths. In 1830 the investor's received a dividend, when it was decided to leave aside a capital sum of £5 and divide the remainder amongst the society's members. In 1836 the society again ordered a new pall, which had a panelled enclosed body with little wooden balusters along the upper edges, and a black cotton and canvas cover, decorated with black ostrich feathers. The schoolhouse which had been built from the funds was demolished in 1844 and the pupils moved to the new parish school. In 1852, to avoid paying tax, the charge for hiring the vehicle was transferred to the hiring of the mortcloth, which was exempt from tax, with no charge levied for the use of the pall. In 1855, the Pall Association became the Midlem Hearse. The society was wound up in 1900.
Corporate NameMidlem Pall Society and Hearse Society
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