Person NameGibson & Lumgair (Scotland) Ltd, Selkirk; 1882-; woollen manufacturers
Epithetwoollen manufacturers
ActivityGibson & Lumgair (Scotland) Ltd was established in 1882 by George D Gibson (1940) and Andrew G Lumgair (d 1911) at their factory at Deanbank Mill, Galashiels. In 1894 they built a new factory at St Mary's Mill, Selkirk. They became a limited company in 1907, and on the death of Andrew Lumgair, his interest passed to his sons Morrison (d 1917) and David (d 1933). At David's death the family interest passed to Morrison Lumgair's widow. On George Gibson's death his interest was passed on to his family, including T H Gibson (d 1964). The company, and also the company of Bernat Klein, were acquired in 1964 by the Imperial Tobacco Group and the two companies traded as Bernat Klein. In 1972 the Ettrickvale Mill was closed and the machinery at St Mary's Mill was modernised. The next year the company was bought over by its directors, but in 1976 St Mary's Mill was sold to Gucci, who were unsuccessful in setting up a business there. Gibson and Lumgair's chain of 12 shops and a manufactury at Netherdale Mill continued to trade, but the St Mary's Mill building was badly flooded in 1977 and in 1978 was bought by the Scottish development agency. It was then acquired by Borders Regional Council and developed as their Library Headquarters and the Borders Archive and Local History Centre.
Corporate NameGibson & Lumgair (Scotland) Ltd, Selkirk
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