Person NameGalashiels Manufacturers Association; 1777-; trades association
Epithettrades association
ActivityGalashiels Manufacturers Association or Corporation was inaugurated in 1777. A Cloth Hall was opened in 1792, to hold sales of woollen goods. Members of the Corporation rented one to three shelves in the building to hold their stock and shelves were also rented out to non-members for the profit of the Corporation. By 1797 there were 18 spinning jennies (which could have up to 48 spindles) in the village. In 1814 spinning mules with 72 spindles were introduced, and as the work got heavier and water power was introduced the spindles increased to 144.The Corporation had an annual festival, and Sir Walter Scott was invited to attend the 1821 event. James Hogg the Ettrick Shepherd was a frequent attender of the Corporation dinners. They also held an annual meeting and procession of the trades, which was led by the children who worked as carders; followed by the weaver; then the standard bearer with the Weavers' Flag; the officer in charge; two quarter-masters and the Deacon, who carried the Corporation books; then the fiddle band; and lastly the clothiers.
Corporate NameGalashiels Manufacturers Association
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