Person NameGalashiels; William Brown, Sons & Co Ltd; 1860-1962; woollen manufacturers
Epithetwoollen manufacturers
ActivityWilliam Brown, Sons & Co Ltd was established in the 1860s by William Brown, at Wilderbank Mill, Galashiels, which had been the site of a woollen mill since at least 1780, and he continued to build and expand on the site. William Brown was in partnership with a James Shaw of Glasgow at that time, until Shaw and his brother bought Nether Mill in 1874. By the end of the century the company was known as William Brown and Sons Ltd and was run by Andrew (d 1920s), James Rae (d 1920s) and Gideon (d 1908), three of William's sons. The company became a limited liability company, William Brown, Sons & Co Ltd, in 1913. William Brown's great-grandson Ian M Brown, who became a director in 1956, was the last member of the family to take an active part in the running of the business. The company was incorporated into Scottish Worsted and Woollens Ltd in 1962, and in 1968 Scottish Worsted and Woollens amalgamated with Henry Ballantyne of Walkerburn. William Brown's business was transferred to Walkerburn following reorganisation. The buildings were then sold to Arthur Dickson and Company Ltd and, when their business became concentrated at Comelybank Mill in 1976, the Wilderbank Mill was demolished.
Corporate NameWilliam Brown, Sons & Co Ltd
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