JurisdictionCounty Library
Person NameCounty Library; Berwickshire County Council; 1920-
ActivityBerwickshire County Library was founded in 1920 by the County Education Authority with the help of a grant from the Carnegie United Kingdon Trust, with which they bought the building, stock and furniture of the Duns Subscription Library. From 1920, the County Library was operated by the County Education Authority, which became a sub-committee of the Berwickshire County Council Education Committee. The Headquarters Library was established in Duns and it also administered the Rural Libraries, about 32 of which were situated in schools and village halls and were operated by voluntary librarians. The bookstocks were changed three times a year, which involved the delivery and return of 20,000 books, and the library at Duns was used as a reservoir for this purpose.
Corporate NameBerwickshire County Council
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