Person NameLeitholm and District Nursing Association; 1895-1949
ActivityThe Nursing Fund (later the Leitholm and District Nursing Association) held its first meeting in February 1895, when it was arranged that funds should be raised to provide a District Nurse service for the area of Swinton, Leitholme, Peebles, Fogo and district. This was to be maintained through 'Subscriptions and donations of money, medical and surgical appliances and of old linen etc'. Donations of hay, corn and straw for the nurses pony were also gratefully received. By the following year the area covered had expanded to include Greenlaw Town. This service continued until 1915 when the resident nurse was replaced by cover from the Berwickshire Nursing Association, and during 1916-1917 there was no resident nurse. By 1920 the nurse's pony and cart had been replaced by a bicycle, and the organisation had been renamed the Leitholm and District Nursing Fund.This service continued until 1926 when the Executive Committee decided that Cottage Nurses were not sufficiently trained for the work that they had to do in the district and from February 1926 a Queen's Nurse was appointed who was also allowed to take over Child Welfare Work. She was able to undertake more than twice the work of the previous Cottage Nurse. By this time the nurse travelled on a motor bicycle. Money was also raised through activities such as Whist Drives as subscriptions alone were insufficient. No fees were charged except for maternity cases. The organisation's name was changed to the Leitholm and District Nursing Association.In 1927, along with a new nurse, the motor bicycle was sold and a Morris Oxford car was bought. Regular fundraising had to be undertaken for the purchase and repair of the vehicles. Holiday cover was reciprocally arranged with the Bonkyl Nursing Association. In 1934 a Cottage Nurse was engaged to assist the Queen's Nurse. All members of the community were expected to pay a subscription towards the costs of the service but nursing was to be provided free in cases of necessity. In 1935 the district was extended but a grant which had been received from the County Council was cut. Lady Edith Trotter was President from 1906-1947.By 1944 the Maternity Home which had been established some years previously was able to handle the referal of 113 of the District Nurse's patients, and the Leitholm and District Nursing Association's work was taken over by the Berwickshire Nursing Association. The Committee was disbanded in 1949 and its assets were used to complete the furnishing of the Nurse's house.
Corporate NameLeitholm and District Nursing Association
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