Person NameNenthorn Parish
ActivityThe parish of Nenthorn lies in Berwickshire, to the north west of Kelso. The parish was established during the 13th century from the manors of Naithansthirn and Newton, and the chapel of Naithansthirn became the parish church. The manors had been subject to the church of Ednam and had been given by the Bishop of St Andrews to the Bishop of Kelso, 1316. In the 12th century the manors belonged to the Morvilles, hereditary Constables of Scotland, until they were forfeited by Joh Baliol. Nenthorn House, built 1816, was originally the property of the Dons who held a baronetcy from 1667 to 1862 and came to be represented by Sir Don-Wauchope, Bart of Edmonstone, until the eatate was bought, 1847, by the Balfour family of Balgonie. Lesser proprietors in the parish are the Duke of Roxburghe and the Earl of Haddington.
Corporate NameNenthorn Parish
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