Person NameBell; R Fitzroy; advocate
ForenamesR Fitzroy
ActivityR Fitzroy Bell, fl 1848-1908, advocate, resided at Templehall Estate, Coldingham. Temple Hall lies to the west of the village of Coldingham and comprises the Forester's lands, the Warden's lands, the Sacristan's croft and other lands formerly belonging to the priory. In 1745 the property belonged to Sir John Home of Renton and in 1747 he sold Temple Hall to William Ramsay and the property passed through various hands: Thomas Johnston, 1773; Thomas Johnston junior, 1804; Richard Hotchkiss, WS, 1811; James Hotchkiss, WS, 1824; James Tytler of Woodhouselee, 1827; William MacIntyre, 1828; Thomas Landale, SSC, 1855; Thomas Landale Philip, 1875; George Stewart, 1883; Robert Fitzroy Bell, 1894. The present house was built in 1897 by Robert Fitzroy Bell. Abbeypark and Silverwells were added to the estate at a later date.
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