Person NameFalconer family; family
ActivityMiss A S Falconer and Miss Mary W M Falconer lived at Elder Bank, Duns. Miss Mary Falconer, LLA, fl 1883-1892, teacher, was a pupil at Miss Crawford's Young Ladies College, which was at Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, where she studied Latin, Arithmetic, English, History and Geography. She gained the Senior Certificate at Edinburgh University, 1883, with honours in English, History and Geography; the Government Teacher's Certificate, 1890, Division I, Second Class (the highest level); and the LLA Diploma from St Andrew's University, 1892, First Class Honours in English, Comparative Philology and History and First Class in French. In 1893 she passed the LLA Examination in Education (Honours) and German, First Class. She later worked there as a governess, teaching English, French, German, Music, Drawing and Latin. She also taught at Bellevue House School, Yorkshire, ladies' boarding and day school and was a governess at Cumledge House, Duns, 1887, and for the sons of the minister of Edrom, Berwickshire, 1889. Miss Falconer was an assistant teacher at Swinton Public School, 1889-1892. Miss Agnes S Falconer's publications include her anthology of poems 'Whinblossom', and her work was also published in Chamber's Journal; The People's Friend; and the Glasgow Herald.
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