Person NamePress Estate, Coldingham
ActivityAt the Reformation the Lands and 'Castle' of Press, Coldingham, were held by Sir Alexander Home of Manderston who rented them from the monks of Coldingham. They were then taken by the crown and in 1609 they were given to Sir George Home, younger of Manderston and in 1610 the superiorities were given to Alexander, Lord Home. At the end of the 17th century, the Lands of Press formed part of the Barony of Renton and in 1698 were passed from Sir John Home to his brother Sir Robert Home. In 1797 they were bought by Adam Watson, merchant, of Dunbar, and then were owned successively by, Eagle Henderson, Thomas Henderson, Francis Dryburgh, Benjamin Liddell and George Denholm.
Corporate NamePress Estate, Coldingham
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