Person NameBerwickshire; Ladykirk Estate
ActivityLadykirk Estate, which belongs to Ladykirk House, Berwickshire, lies less than 2 miles to the south of Norham and just to the south of the village of Ladykirk. The area is underlaid with sandstone and there has been quarrying carried out on the estate. The estate has a small amount of woodland and the house itself is surrounded by parkland, with a beautiful view of the river Tweed. In the early 17th century Thomas Nisbet. In 1743 William Robertson of Hillhousefield, Mid-Lothian became proprietor of the Barony of Ladykirk and Upsettlington. In 1881 the property was owned by Lord and Lady Marjoribanks and is currently in the posession of a Major Askew.
Corporate NameLadykirk Estate
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