Person NameDunlop; William (1692-1720); professor of Church History
Epithetprofessor of Church History
ActivityWilliam Dunlop, the younger (1692-1720), professor of Church History, was the son of William Dunlop the elder and Elizabeth Mure, and the brother of Alexander Dunlop, professor of Greek at Glasgow University. Dunlop studied Philosophy, and then Law and Divinity at Edinburgh University. Dunlop was the librarian for the University of Glasgow, 1710-1711. He was licensed by the Presbytery of Edinburgh and appointed Professor of Divinity and Church History, 1714. He died when he was only twenty-eight. His publications were: ‘A Collection of Confessions of Faith, Catechisms, Directories, Books of Discipline and of Public Authority in the Church of Scotland’, 2 vols, 1719-1722; ‘A Preface to an edition of the Westminster Confession, etc, lately published at Edinburgh’ 1720; ‘Sermons preached on Several Subjects and Occasions’, 2 vols 8vo, 1722.
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