Person NameBlaikie; Dr; Reverend William Garden (1820-1899); Biographer of David Livingstone, minister in Drumblade
ForenamesReverend William Garden
EpithetBiographer of David Livingstone, minister in Drumblade
ActivityWilliam Garden Blaikie was born in Aberdeen in 1820, the son of James Blaikie, Lord Provost. He studied at Aberdeen Grammar School and universities in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He was ordained minister of Drumblade in 1842, but at the foundation of the Free Church of Scotland in 1843 he changed his adherence to that church. He was Moderator of the General Assembly in 1892. His considerable publications include work on David Livingstone, Thomas Chalmers, Biblical history and geography and encouraging tracts. In later years he divided his time between Edinburgh and North Berwick, and died in 1899.
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