Person NameDouglas family of Tilquhillie; family
ActivityDavid Douglas, the second son of Sir Henry Douglas of Lochleven, married Janet Ogstoun in 1479 and with her acquired the lands of Tilquhillie in Kincardineshire. By 1574 they were in the hands of John Douglas, 4th of Tilquhillie. The 11th laird died in 1791 but had already propelled his estate to his son John: he, who was an advocate, died in 1773. His son, also John, died in 1812, during the minority of his heir and eldest son, John. The estates were sold by this John’s trustees, but in 1856 he bought them back. His grandson, John William Edward James Douglas, was 16th laird but propelled the estate to his son John Sholto Douglas in 1925. The travel writer, George Lewis Augustus Douglas, was related to the family.
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