Person NameMenzies of Menzies; family; of Weem
ActivityThe lands of Weem are first linked to the Menzies family in a charter of confirmation by Robert, Steward of Scotland and Lord of Atholl, of a charter by Alexander de Meygneres, the son of Sir Robert de Meygneres, who confirms the lands of Weme and Abbirfeally, Atholl to his son and heir, Sir Robert de Meygneres, 1342-1346.

James Menzeis of that ilk, fl 1565-1577, had inherited his lands in the barony of Menzes, Perth, 1565 and owned the lands of Bordland of Farnay, Perth, 1577. He was married to Barbara Stewart and they had a daughter, Helen.

John Menzeis was the vicar of the parish kirk of Weyme, 1566, vicar of Rannoch, 1596 and parson of Weem, 1606. James Menzes, fl 1608-1637, was minister at Dull, 1608-1609, and minister at Weem, 1622-1638. He was married to Grissell Stewart and had a brother Alexander.

Sir Alexander Menzies of Weyme, kt, fl 1559-1642, the son of Sir Robert Meinzeis of that ilk, lived at Rorows in the barony of Menzies, Perth, 1559. Alexander was married to Dame Marjory Campbell, fl 1626-1638, daughter of Alexander, Bishop of Brechin and Helen Clepene.

In 1626, Duncan Meinzies of Comrie, fl 1626-1642, fiar of Weem, eldest son of Sir Alexander and Dame Marjory, renounced his claim to the the lands of Carss, Apnadull, in favour of his brother Alexander Menzeis of Carse, fl 1626-1649, the second son, who was married to Margaret. Previously Sir Alexander had granted the lands of Garthe, Perth, to his son Robert, fl 1592-1626. They also had a son William Meinzeis of Carss, fl 1649.

Sir Robert Menzies, Bt, became a burgess of Campbeltown, 1732. In 1734, Christian Menzies, the sister of Sir Robert Menzies, married William McIntosh.

Sir Neil Menzies, Bt, was in possession of the estate of Menzies, 1816.

In 1652 Alexander Menzeis held the kirklands of the parish kirk of Weyme and was married to Agnes Campbell. In 1663 James Menzies of Culdars agreed to act as trustee of his debts.

In 1717, whilst in the ownership of Sir Robert Menzies and his wife, Lady Mary Stewart, the mansion house of Weem was seized by Alexander Robertson of Strowan and they removed arms, ammunition, furniture and documents.

During much of the period 1694 - 1727 the second and third baronets were minors, and the estate was run by Captain James Menzies of Comrie and Christian, Lady Menzies, also called Dame Christian Campbell, Lady Weem, in conjunction with other tutors. In 1727, Sir Robert Menzies, Brt, of the lands of Comries, Auchleys and Laggan, Roras and Duncrosk, the only son of Menzies of Staix, took control. By 1793, Sir John Menzies of Castle Menzies, Comrie, had succeeded to the title and lands, and by 1800 the title has passed to Sir Robert Menzies. His only son, Neil Menzies, younger of Weem, was admitted as an advocate, 1801 and became Deputy Lieutenant of Perthshire, 1808. In 1809 he became Lieutenant Colonel in the Highland Regiment of the Royal Perthshire Local Militia and by 1816 he had inherited the title and was Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies, Brt.

David Prentice Menzies was a genealogist, 1894 - 1908.
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