Person NameMiller; Hugh (1802-1856); Geologist
ActivityHugh Miller was born in Cromarty in 1802 and had a limited education, as his father had died when he was only five. He was apprenticed to a stonemason at the age of seventeen and, influenced by the antiquarian activities of two uncles, was ideally placed to pursue his interests in that and in geology. He married in 1831 and, in Edinburgh, found a banking position to support his new household. However, Edinburgh was filled with religious controversy which was to culminate in the Disruption of 1843: Miller supported the nonconformist side and wrote pamphlets to this effect. At the same time he published widely on folklore, geology and theology, as well as writing as a journalist and a poet. He seems never to have reconciled conflicts between his various interests and committed suicide in 1856.
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