Person NameMoir; David Macbeth (1798-1851); physician and writer
ForenamesDavid Macbeth
Epithetphysician and writer
ActivityDavid Macbeth Moir was born in Musselburgh in 1798, and at the age of thirteen was apprenticed to Dr. Stewart, physician there. He studied medicine at Edinburgh and received his surgeon’s certificate in 1816. He went into partnership with a Dr. Brown in Musselburgh and found general practice hard work, but he remained there for many years. He had been writing from an early age, and now published essays, articles and verse, some of it signed with a Greek Delta. Involved in Blackwood’s Magazine, he knew many of the other Edinburgh writers of the time and enjoyed moving in that circle, though he also wrote books on medical history and on cholera, an outbreak of which he faced in Musselburgh in the 1830s. From 1844 to 1846 his health deteriorated, and he retired from medicine. He died in Dumfries, following an injury incurred riding, in 1851.
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