Person NameBruce; family; Earls of Elgin
ActivityThomas Bruce, 1st Earl of Elgin and 3rd Lord Kinloss and Lord Bruce of Kinloss, was the second son of Edward Bruce, 1st. Lord Kinloss, who accompanied King James VI to England. Thomas Bruce was born in 1599 in England and attended King Charles I to Scotland. He was succeeded by his son Robert in 1663. Robert, a Royalist, was 2nd Earl of Elgin and 1st. Earl of Ailesbury, and died in 1685. He was succeeded by Thomas, his son, who supported James VII but refused to take the oaths in 1696 and was imprisoned in the Tower of London. His wife was sister and heir of the Duke of Somerset. He died in 1741 and was succeeded by his second son Charles, born in 1682. He was a politician who died without surviving male issue, and the Earldom of Ailesbury thereby became extinct. The Earldom of Elgin passed to a distant relation, Charles, who became the 5th. Earl of Elgin and 9th Earl of Kincardine, born in 1732. His wife, Martha Whyte, was governess to Princess Charlotte of Wales and died in 1810. The Earl died in 1771 and was succeeded by his son William Robert, who died a few months later without issue. He was succeeded by his brother Thomas, an army general. He later took an interest in antiquities, and was the collector of the Elgin Marbles, now in the British Museum. His first marriage was dissolved after his wife had borne him a son and four daughters. He remarried and was succeeded at his death in 1841 by the eldest son of his second marriage, James. James, the 8th Earl, born in 1811, was an eminent diplomatist and statesman, and served first as Governor General of Canada and then as Viceroy and Governor General of India. He died there in 1863 and was succeeded by his son Victor Alexander, born in 1849. He married a daughter of the Earl of Southesk. He died in 1917 and was succeeded by his son Edward James, still alive in 1959. The present Earl (2002), his son, Andrew Douglas Alexander Thomas Bruce, was born in 1924 and educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford. He was awarded honorary LLDs by Dundee University in 1977 and Glasgow University in 1983. In 1987 he became Lord Lieutenant of Fife.
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