Person NameBarker; Henry Aston (1774-1856); painter of panoramas
ForenamesHenry Aston
Epithetpainter of panoramas
ActivityHenry Aston Barker was the younger son of Robert Barker, panorama painter. He was born in Glasgow in 1774, and in 1788 moved with his father to London, where Henry attended the Royal Academy. He assisted his father in his work from an early age to his father’s death in 1806, travelling as far as Constantinople taking drawings for panoramas. He constructed and displayed in his London premises panoramas of Paris in 1802, Malta in 1810 and 1812, Venice in 1819, Elba, Waterloo in 1815, and most notably the coronation of King George IV in 1822. Around 1802 he married a daughter of Admiral William Bligh, late Captain of the ‘Bounty’. From at least 1816 he had been a business partner of Mr. J. Burford with whom he owned his London premises: in 1826 he made the business over to John and Robert Burford and retired first to Surrey, then to Bristol. He died there in 1856.
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