Person NameRamsay family; family; Earls of Dalhousie
ActivityWilliam, 2nd. Lord Ramsay, was created Earl of Dalhousie in 1633. He was of age in 1612, and died in 1672, to be succeeded by his son, George. He was of age in 1643 and died before 1674. He was in turn succeeded by his son, William, 3rd. Earl. He died in 1682, leaving his eldest son George a minor. George was probably killed in Holland by a Mr. Hamilton in 1696, and died unmarried. His brother William succeeded him as 5th. Earl. An army officer, he fought in Spain and died there unmarried in 1710. He was succeeded by his cousin William, also an army officer, who died in 1739. His son George predeceased him and he was succeeded by his grandson Charles, also a soldier. Charles died unmarried in Edinburgh in 1764 and was succeeded by his brother George, the 8th Earl. An advocate, George died in France in 1787 and was succeeded by his son George. The 9th Earl was Governor of Canada and involved in the government of India. He died in 1838, some time after his two elder sons, and he was succeeded by his third son, James Andrew. He was born in 1812 and became a Member of Parliament, sitting in the Commons before he succeeded as 10th Earl. He was appointed Governor General of India in 1848, the youngest man ever to be appointed to the post. In 1849 he was created Marquis of Dalhousie. He left India in 1856 but suffered some blame, possibly unfounded, for the Mutiny of the following year. He never recovered from the upset and died in 1860. As he and his wife had had only daughters, the Marquisate became extinct, but the Earldom passed to Fox Maule, 2nd. Baron Panmure, nephew of the 9th Earl. He was born in 1801 and had careers in both the army and politics. He died without issue in 1874, and the barony of Panmure became extinct. He was succeeded in the Earldom by George, grandson of the 8th Earl, who was born in 1805. He had a naval career and died in 1880. His son John William succeeded him as 13th Earl, born in 1847. He also served as a naval officer, and died in France on his way back from a trip to the USA in 1887, one day after his wife’s death. He was succeeded by Arthur George Maule, born in 1878. He died in 1928, and was succeeded by his son, John Gilbert Ramsay, who died without issue and was succeeded in 1950 by his brother: Simon Ramsay, the 16th. Earl, was born in 1914. Educated at Eton and Christ Church College, Oxford, he served with the Black Watch and was a prisoner of war in the Second World War, and was awarded the Military Cross. After the war he was elected MP for Forfar. He was Governor General of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1957 to 1963, and Lord Lieutenant of Angus from 1967 to 1989. He died in 1999 and was succeeded by his son James Herbert Ramsay. He was born in 1948 and entered the Coldstream Guards. On his retirement from active service he went into business. He is the current Earl (2002).
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