Person NameHall; Captain; Basil (1788-1844); Royal Navy
EpithetRoyal Navy
ActivityBasil Hall was born near Haddington in 1788, a son of Sir James Hall of Dunglass. He went to school in Edinburgh and joined the navy in 1802. He served at Corunna, the East Indies (under Sir Samuel Hood), China, and elsewhere, keeping a journal of his travels and publishing portions of it. He reached the rank of Captain in 1817, a year after being elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He spent some years off the coast of South America, his final posting, and again published extracts from his journal. He married in 1825 but continued to travel, particularly in North America. He fell ill in 1842, his illness being chiefly mental, and died in the hospital in which he had been living since then in 1844.
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