Person NameSmith; family; of Libberton
ActivityJohn Smith was born in Douglas and was appointed schoolmaster at Libberton, Lanarkshire. Licenced to preach in 1797, he was appointed schoolmaster in Carnwath in 1808, and ordained and presented to Symington parish in 1813. He died in 1834. His son Thomas was born in 1817 and educated in Edinburgh. He was ordained a missionary in 1839 and the same year married Grace Whyte and moved to work in Calcutta. He returned to Scotland in 1858, and the following year was admitted minister of Cowgatehead Free Church in Edinburgh. A distinguished mathematician and early supporter of the Zenana movement in support of Indian women, he became lecturer of Evangelical Theology at New College, Edinburgh, in 1880 and retired in 1892, the year after he served as Moderator of the General Assembly. His sister Catherine (1805 - 1892) married Thomas Smith, tenant farmer in Libberton, and John Smith, his brother (1809 - 1880), was also a tenant farmer there..
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