Person NameHay; family; of Yester
ActivityThe Earldom of Tweeddale was created in 1646 for John, Lord Hay of Yester (c.1593 - 1654), a Royalist: the Marquisate was created in 1694 for his son, John (1626 - 1697), who had had Cromwellian sympathies but was adopted into the Government to pacify opponents. He oversaw the enquiry into the Glencoe Massacre and was held responsible for the disastrous Darien Scheme, being dismissed from office in 1696. He married a daughter of the 1st. Earl of Buccleuch. The 2nd. Marquis, his son, also John, was born in 1645 and served as Lord Chancellor of Scotland from 1704. He died in 1713. He was succeeded by his son Charles, who died in 1715, and he in turn was succeeded by his son John who served as Principal Secretary of State for Scotland from 1742 - 1746. He died in 1762. His son George, born in 1758, succeeded him as a minor. He died in 1770, still a minor, and the title passed to his uncle, also George, the 6th. Marquis. He was born around 1700 and died unmarried in 1787. His heir was George, descended from the youngest son of the 2nd Marquis, born in 1753. He died at Verdun in 1804, a prisoner of Napoleon, and was succeeded by his son George, the 8th Marquis, born in 1787. He was an army officer and ADC to Wellington during the Peninsular War: he was wounded at the Battle of Busaco in 1810. Later he served as Governor and Commander in Chief at Madras, and died in 1876. He was succeeded by his son Arthur as 9th Marquis. Arthur was born in 1824 but died without issue and was succeeded by his brother William Montagu, a politician, born in 1826. He died in 1911 and was succeeded by his son William George Montagu, born in 1884. The 11th Marquis, he died in 1967 without male issue. The 12th Marquis was David George Montagu Hay, a kinsman, son of Colonel Lord Edward Hay. He was born in 1921 and educated at Eton before joining the Royal Naval Reserve. He died in 1979 and was succeeded by the 13th and present (2002) Marquis, Edward Douglas John Hay, born in 1947. He was educated at Trinity College, Oxford.
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