Person NameHalkett; family; of Pitfirrane
ActivityThe Halketts held Pitfirrane in Fife from the 16th century, rising on the decline of the Lochores of Lochore. Sir James Halkett of Pitfirrane who died in 1670 married Anne Murray of the Tullibardine family: she was a Royalist and author of religious meditations (1622 - 1699). Sir Charles Halkett, Bt., of Pitfirrane, was created baronet in 1671, and married Janet Murray, daughter of Sir Patrick Murray of Saltcoats. The last male heir in the direct line was Sir James, who succeeded in 1697 and died without male issue in 1705: the title passed to his sister Janet, who had married Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford (Sir John Wedderburn, Royal physician (1599 - 1679), had purchased Gosford for his favourite nephew, Sir Peter Wedderburn, Lord Gosford, in 1659). He changed his name and designation to Halkett of Pitfirrane. The family's legal adviser, John McFarlane, WS (adm.1709) also married into the family. Sir Peter Halkett succeeded in 1746: he and his son James died in the service of Major-General Edward Braddock at Fort Duquesne, Pennsylvania, in 1755. In 1779 a Wedderburn of Gosford, Sir John Halkett, again held the lands of Pitfirrane and the baronetcy of Gosford. Admiral Sir Peter Halkett succeeded to the title in 1837. He was at the time Commander in Chief of the American and West India Station. He was succeeded by Sir Peter Arthur Halkett in 1847: he settled at Pitfirrane in 1856.
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