Person NameBorthwick family of Borthwick and Crookston; family
ActivitySir William Borthwick obtained in 1410 a charter of the lands of Borthwick and Thoftscotys in Selkirkshire. His son, Sir William, was ambassador at Rome. His great grandsons were William, 2nd. Lord Borthwick, and his brother John de Borthwick who acquired Crookston in 1446. He married Margaret, daughter of John, Lord Wenlock, in 1464. She died in 1508. William Borthwick of Crookston, who was already laird in 1632, died in 1680, succeeded by John, his only son, a minor, to whom George Borthwick of Murraye was appointed tutor. John Borthwick of Crookston, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant (1787 - 1845), purchased Borthwick Castle and the estate in 1812: it had been alienated after the death of the 14th Baron in the late 1600s. John Borthwick of Borthwick and Crookston married Ann Dundas, daughter of Robert Dundas of Arniston, as his first wife. William H. Borthwick of Borthwick and Crookston was the father of Alfred Edward Borthwick, the artist (1871 – 1955). Elizabeth M. Borthwick was his aunt, while his brother Arthur F. Borthwick was a farm supply manager in Rhodesia. Also related to the family was Albert W. Borthwick, Professor of Forestry at Aberdeen University. The family still held the lands of Borthwick and Crookston in 1973.
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