Person NameKer family; family; Marquesses of Lothian
ActivityMark Ker, Baron of Newbattle and son of the Abbot of Newbattle, was created Earl of Lothian in 1606. He was succeeded at his death in 1609 by his son Robert. Robert had two daughters by his wife, Annabella Campbell, daughter of the 7th Earl of Argyll, but no sons: he left his estate to his elder daughter Anne and she became Countess of Lothian in her own right. She married Sir William Kerr of Ferniehurst, knight and kinsman. He was elevated to the title of Earl of Lothian, and later inherited the title of the Earl of Ancrum from his younger brother Charles, the 2nd Earl. William died in 1675 and was succeeded by his son Robert, the 4th Earl of Lothian and 3rd Earl of Ancrum. He was created Marquis of Lothian in 1701 and married Jane, daughter of the Marquis of Argyll. He died in 1703 and was succeeded by his son William. The 2nd. Marquis died in 1722 and his son William, the 3rd. Marquis, died in 1767. His eldest two sons were both distinguished soldiers: the elder fought at Fontenoy and Culloden, where his brother died. The 5th. Marquis, William John, succeeded his father and died in 1815. His son William, the 6th. Marquis, was Lord Lieutenant of Midlothian and died in 1824. He was succeeded by his son John William Robert, born in 1794, who died in 1841. The 8th. Marquis, William Schomberg, was born in 1832 but died without issue and was succeeded by his brother, Schomberg Henry, born in 1833. He married the eldest daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch. His eldest son was ADC to the Governor of New South Wales and was killed accidentally in 1892. His second son died in infancy, and it was his third son, Robert Schomberg, who succeeded at his death in 1900. He was born in 1874 and died unmarried in 1940. He was succeeded by his kinsman, Peter Francis Walter Kerr, the 12th Marquis. Born in 1922 near Derby, he was educated at Ampleforth and Christ Church, Oxford, and married Antonella Newland. They had two sons. An active politician in the 1960s and 1970s, he was later Chairman of the Scottish Council of the British Red Cross. He was still Marquis of Lothian in 2001.
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