Person NameStuart Stevenson family; family
ActivityThe Stuarts of Castlemilk and the Stuarts of Torrance were both descended from Archibald Stuart of Castlemilk and Fynart (d.1660). Sir William Stuart, 2nd. Bart., of Castlemilk, married Margaret Crawfurd of Milton. Andrew Stuart of Craigthorn and Castlemilk, WS, united the two estates for a time in the late eighteenth century. He was the second son of Archibald Stuart of Torrance, WS, and was a noted lawyer and politician. As a lawyer he acted as agent for some important Scottish noble families, notably the Dukes of Hamilton: as a politician he represented Lanarkshire in Parliament, and was a member of the Board of Trade in Lord North's administration. His sister Jane married Thomas Cochrane, 8th Earl of Dundonald: their son, Basil Cochrane, became a senior merchant in the East India Company in the Madras Presidency. Andrew Stuart's sister Isabel married Sir Robert Henderson of Fordel, and his younger brother, Major-General James Stuart, was in the East India Company at Madras in the late 18th century, and was dismissed from the Company's service in 1783. Andrew himself married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Stirling of Ardoch. His daughter was Miss Christian Ann Stuart of Torrande and died around 1864. Anne, Lady Stuart of Castlemilk, probably the wife of Sir John Stuart, the fifth baronet, died in 1821. William Stirling and Anne Charlotte Stirling his wife lived at Castlemilk from the 1820s to the 1870s. Madam Stuart Stevenson lived in Culter, Lanarkshire, in 1940.
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