Person NameBrown; family
ActivityReverend John Brown (1722-1787) was the son of Reverend John Brown (1675-1733) and Catherine Millie (d 1735) who were married in 1711. Their son became the first minister of Haddington United Presbyterian Church in 1751. He died on 19 June 1787. His son Reverend John Brown (d 1830) became minister of Whitburn United Presbyterian Church in 1776 and died in 1830. Another son, Ebenezer Brown (fl 1780-1836) became minister of Inverkeithing United Presbyterian Church. He was ordained in 1780 and remained there until he died on 28 March 1836, aged 78. A third son, Reverend Dr William Brown studied medicine and became secretary of the Scottish Missionary Society as well as taking missionary service to China. He published several works including History of the Propagation of Christianity among the Heathen since the Reformation'. He died on 15 May 1863, aged 80. Isabella, a daughter of Reverend Dr William Brown, married John Dunlop () [post 1850].
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