Person NameRitchie; Peter; Baron Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar, CBE
EpithetBaron Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar, CBE
ActivityBaron Peter Ritchie Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar, CBE (1906-1982), author, scientific, social and political journalist, was born in Perth on 1 July 1906 the son of David Lindsay Calder and Georgina Ritchie. He was educated at Forfar Academy and became a police court reporter in 1922. He worked as a journalist for D.C. Thomson Press, 1924-1925, Daily News, 1926-1930, Daily Chronicle, 1930, Daily Herald, 1930-1941, News Chronicle, 1945-1956 and the New Statesman, 1945-1958. From 1961-1967 he was Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at Edinburgh University and he also lectured at Ruskin College, Oxford, Hebrew University and Leeds University. He held varous UNESCO and United Nations positions as well as numerous academic and parliamentary appointments. He published prolifically. He was created Baron Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar in 1966 and died on 31 January 1982.
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