Dates -1979
Person NameScottish Labour Party, Edinburgh Branch; -1979
ActivityThe Scottish Labour Party was formed in 1888 by the supporters of James Keir Hardy (1856-1915), socialist and labour leader, who stood as an independent labour candidate for Mid-Lanarkshire in the general election of that year. His supporters included the Scottish Miners' Federation, several local trade unions, a number of socialist societies, the crofters' members of parliament, the radical Liberal member of parliament Robert Cunninghame-Graham (1852-1936) and the Scottish Home Rule Association. In 1889 Hardie and Cunninghame-Graham represented the Scottish Labour Party at the Socialist International Conference in Paris. In the 1892 general election five candidates unsuccessfully stood for the Scottish Labour Party. In 1899 the Scottish Worker's Parliamentary Committee was formed by the Scottish Trades Union Congress, the Scottish division of the Independent Labour Party and other socialist societies to co-ordinate the campaign for working class representation. The Committee subsequently revived the title of the Scottish Labour Party. In 1900 the Labour Representation Committee had been formed in England and Wales and in 1906 changed its name to the Labour Party. In 1909 the Scottish Labour Party merged with the Labour Party in England and Wales to form the British political party called the Labour Party, which formed its first government in 1924. The Edinburgh Branch of the Scottish Labour Party was active in 1976 and was disbanded in 1979.
Corporate NameScottish Labour Party, Edinburgh Branch
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