Person NameComunn na Cannain Albanaich; 1969-
ActivityComunn na Cannain Albannaich, entitled in English 'The Scottish Language Society', was established as a pressure group in 1969 by a few individuals who had become dissatisfied with the current efforts to maintain the status of Scottish Gaelic. In particular, its members felt that a more activist policy was necessay than the one pursued at that time by the more 'official', 80-years old Gaelic organisation 'An Comunn Gaidhealach'. At the height of its activities it had approaching 400 members. The primary aim of Comunn na Cannain Albannaich was to win a defined official status for Gaelic, but it also worked, through to promote Gaelic in various practical ways, especially through sustained publicity campaigning to obtain a higher profile and usage for the language in public places and public life. Examples included the promotion of postal addresses and of geographical signage in Gaelic, and agitation to secure a channel for Gaelic radio and television. Its campaigning was focussed particularly on the Highlands and Islands where the low profile of the language was seen as contributing to its decline, but also on its greater use in Scotland generally. Its members also established links with other European minority language groups, notably in Wales and Ireland.
Corporate NameComunn na Cannain Albanaich
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