Person NameDonaldson's Hospital; Edinburgh; 1850-1938
ActivityDonaldson's Hospital, Edinburgh, was founded by James Donaldson (1751-1830), of Broughton Hall, and Edinburgh publisher. In his will he left his 'property, heritable and personal, to build and found an hospital for boys and girls, to be called Donaldson's Hospital, the purpose being to clothe, maintain and educate children. Priority was to be given to children named Donaldson or Marshall. The Hospital opened its doors in 1850, and from the start, deaf-mute as well as hearing children were admitted. The education of deaf and hearing children was kept separate and each school had their own classrooms and staff, the hearing children under the House Governor and the deaf children under the Headmaster. In 1938 Donaldson's Hospital was amalgamated with the Edinburgh Royal Institution, founded 1810, to form Donaldson's School for the Deaf.
Corporate NameDonaldson's Hospital
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