Person NameWalton; Cecile (1891-1956); painter and illustrator
Epithetpainter and illustrator
ActivityCecile Walton (1891-1956) was born in Glasgow in 1891, the daughter of Edward Arthur Walton, painter. She began to draw from a very early age and also took up painting as a child. She studied art at the Edinburgh College of Art and in Paris. On 21 February 1914 she married Eric Robertson (d 1941), painter. She worked as an illustrator and painter. She bore him two children and they were divorced in 1923. After the divorce she lived in Vienna and Cambridge before returning to Edinburgh. From 1928 she worked for the BBC as children's hour organiser and in 1936 she married Gordon Gildard, a retired navy lieutenant commander who also worked for the BBC. They moved to Glasgow with work. In 1945 she divorced her second husband, returned to Edinburgh and resumed painting. In 1948 she moved to Kirkcudbright and she died of cancer in Edinburgh in 1956.
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