Person NameCatherine McCaig's Trust; 1913-
ActivityCatherine McCaig's Trust was established in 1913 under the Will of Mrs Catherine McCaig of Oban with the two principal objects of encouraging the study and use of Gaelic, and of providing various buildings and other facilities for the inhabitants of Oban. To further these objectives, a governing body was established under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act, 1928, representative of the ancient Scottish universities, the local authorities, and An comunn Gaidhealch. In 1963 the number of Governors was increased from nine to twelve, and the remit of the Education Fund was widened. This collection represents the file of Trust papers preserved by Professor Derick S. Thomson as a Governor of the Trust from 1957, and Chairman since 1980. Through its grants and bursaries the Trust had provided, and continues to provide a very useful assistance to Gaelic studies, Celtic scholarship and various Gaelic-centred activities.
Corporate NameCatherine McCaig's Trust
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