Person NameMoubray family of Cockairnie; family
ActivityIn 1511 William Moubray had a charter of lands of Cockairnie and part of the barony of Inverkeithing from his nephew Sir John Moubray of Barnbougie. His descendent Robert Moubray of Cockairnie (1639-1681) was succeeded by his eldest son John Moubray of Cockairnie (d 1732) who was in turn succeeded by his eldest son Robert. Robert Mowbray of Cockairnie (1700-1779) was succeeded in the estate by his second son Robert (d 1794). In 1794, Sir Robert Moubray (1774-1848) succeeded. He was Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace in Fife and Lieutenant-Colonel in the army. He died in 1848 and was succeeded by his eldest son Robert Frederick North Bickerton Moubray (1807-1875). In 1875 the estate passed to William Hobson Moubray of Cockairnie and Otterston (b 1818), Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant, and younger brother to Robert. William Henry Hallowell Crew Moubray (b 1852) of Cockairnie and Otterston, Fife, inherited the estate from his father and was Justice of the Peace and Major in the Royal Highlanders (Black Watch).
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